Baby Advices

What size should my child wear? What are the adjustment criteria?

Did you know that even if your child's feet are size 5, he could just as well wear a size 4 or 6 boot? Size often fluctuates from one manufacturer to the next. The size that is measured only gives an idea of what should be purchased. It is very important that the tip of the shoe be about one-half of an inch (a little more than one centimetre) from the toes to allow space for growth. To provide a perfect fit, our Panda’s specialists will check the following six points:

• The heel : It should be in the right position without applying pressure to the sides of the foot.

• The spacing at the top of the foot.

• The lacing of the boot should be parallel.

• The width of the shoe should be checked with the child in a standing position.

• The length of the shoe.

• Flex points should be in the right place and the heel should remain in its proper position, while the child is walking.