Children advices 2 - 6 years old

Growth and development of your children

At Panda we care about your child's feet and, now that you have made it through those crucial first two years, we would like to tell you a little more of what you can expect in the years ahead....

Your baby has come a long way with his little feet. Even after two years, his journey is far from over... as a matter of fact, it has just begun!

Up to now, baby's feet have undergone a remarkable transformation. The muscles and ligaments in his feet have developed and strengthened; the arch has begun to take shape. Fragile and flexible cartilage has started to harden. Now, at last baby's growth has slowed and both mobility and balance are almost under control.

We can easily fool ourselves into thinking that well-fitted shoes are no longer as important...

The care you give to growing feet at this stage of development is just as important as when your child was an infant. Panda’s specialists are concerned with the well-being of your little ones and would like to do everything they can to keep you well-informed. Our Panda’s experts have therefore prepared the following notes especially for the parents of children aged two and over. We are sure you will find them helpful.

Growth and your child matures

Fortunately, baby's growth slows down after a couple of years. However, it remains unpredictable until adolescence! So it is difficult to estimate how long a child will wear his new shoes.
Between the ages of two and three, a child's foot can go up a size over a period of four to six months; whereas from age three to five, a jump in size can take between five to eight months. Over five years old, a change in size may occur anytime between six and twelve months. Of course, those growth spurts can come at any time!

The cartilage of a two-year old has barely begun to harden. However, at three years of age the bones are partially formed (you'll notice the arch has begun to develop). Some cartilage will not finish hardening until growth is complete, which is around the age of 21!

Even though a child no longer needs high boots to support his ankles after the first two years, his feet remain fragile and sensitive to whatever pressures a bad fit can cause and this will be the case throughout their growth. . Actually, a large percentage of foot problems experienced by adults, were caused by ill-fitting shoes when they were growing up.

The importance of a good fit is essential if we want to avoid problems as our children’s feet grow.

From time to time have your child's feet measured at Panda. Our specialists will be happy to ensure that their old shoes are not too small. Or, you can do your own six-step inspection, just like our Panda’s experts!