Children advices 2 - 6 years old

No more booties !... Does it mean no more quality ?

After two years of age, the child no longer needs to wear high boots. However, quality footwear and great fit are still extremely important!

Children are very active and have an abundance of energy. When running and jumping, they are not aware of the enormous pressure (over four times the child's weight) that is absorbed by a single impact point. Good support is therefore an essential element to avoid ankle injuries and other problems. At Panda, we know it!

Concern with quality and support is even more important when it comes to the child's main footwear. In addition to adequate support, comfort can make all the difference!
Good leather is supple and durable, absorbs perspiration and is easy to maintain.

Good quality soles are also more comfortable because of their better flexibility (exactly where it is needed), shock absorption, lightness, durability and traction. As the child gets older, he becomes even more active but does not outgrow his shoes as quickly. The quality of a durable and comfortable shoe is very important for your child's well-being.

Can you think of anything more unpleasant than having to walk all day in uncomfortable shoes?