Children advices 2 - 6 years old

Should you pass on used shoes to the youngest?

Certain types of shoes can be passed down from the oldest to the youngest, such as those only worn from time to time : rain boots, slippers and sandals. However, shoes worn every day generally take the shape of a child's feet, that is to say the pressure and flex points are formed by the foot's movement. Often a child's everyday shoes are worn until they are too small and also worn out. Actually the support of old shoes will have softened. Should you wish to pass on winter boots, Panda’s experts would advise you to replace the lining to get the most warmth and comfort out of them. Have you ever tried on the shoes of a friend who has the same size feet, and found it most uncomfortable? Well, it's quite normal being that the flexpoint, lumps and bumps are in the wrong spot.

Our Panda’s specialists will be happy to check if the "hand-me-downs" fit.